Arunn Baskaran

What brought you to Lithuania? I first came to Lithuania in 2018 to study for a Master’s in Engineering and Innovation Management. Before coming, I’d done a lot of research and figured out that in terms of cost and quality, studies in Vilnius were a great fit for me.  How did things develop from there? … Continued

Misha Johanna

What brought you to Lithuania? Mainly because of my partner, who is Lithuanian. We met in Bali and then continued the relationship long distance for a while. During my first visit to Lithuania in summer 2018, I did a Lithuanian language course at Vilnius University, for a month. And that’s when I kind of felt … Continued

Bhashini Pathirana

What brought you to Lithuania? As an analyst by profession, when I wanted to study abroad, I did a comprehensive analysis of the places I could potentially go to. I also looked at different components since I’ve travelled quite a lot and had some expectations and ideas about what’s important. I’ve visited quite a few … Continued

Ricardo Schmitz

What brought you to Lithuania?  I first came here in 2018 as an Erasmus student. I was studying in Portugal with a scholarship for a very specific programme, and I needed to spend six months abroad. I was given several options of universities I could go to, and among some more traditional options like Germany … Continued

Gleb Nebolyubov

What brought you to Lithuania? My wife actually. She graduated as a nurse in Israel, and she was working as a nurse in several departments for a couple of years. But she saw that there was a glass ceiling she couldn’t penetrate at home and she wanted to realize her potential. So she did some research and … Continued

Gail Tatiana Tellez

What brought you to Lithuania?  As part of my job at Western Union in Costa Rica, I had the opportunity to travel to many countries. And I fell in love with Europe. When I arrived there for the first time I was like: I love Europe! The castles, the history, the nature. This is where … Continued

Giovanni Proietta

What led you to move to Lithuania?  It’s a very common story: I came here because of the woman who is now my wife. Originally from Kaunas, she studied in a conservatory in the city where I come from originally in Italy. That’s why I started travelling to Lithuania regularly in 2015. I really liked … Continued

Bernard Meyer

What brought you to Lithuania? Well, it’s a bit of a long story. I’ll give you the short version. Although I was born in South Africa, we moved to Miami when I was 13. I went to school in Indiana, and after graduating with a degree in English Literature, I decided to look for work … Continued

Isaac Vickery

How did you get into IT engineering?  It was more of an opportunity. Funnily enough, my actual background is in hospitality. For thirteen years, I worked in cafes and restaurants, doing everything from waiting tables to actually co-managing those places. Some six-seven years ago, a friend reached out and said, “Hey, I know you like … Continued

Andrés Cahue

Why did you relocate to Lithuania?   More than a year ago, I was looking for a change in my career. I was quite happy about my life in Poland, but I wasn’t fully satisfied with my job. That’s when I got an offer from Moody’s. They headhunted me for a position at their Vilnius office, … Continued