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You don’t have to choose  between a fulfilling career  and a fulfilling lifestyle. In Lithuania, a good work-life balance truly exists, so you can accelerate your career, while creating the life you want.

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Success stories

Senior Transfer Pricing Consultant

Ricardo Schmitz

Coming to Lithuania for the first time as an exchange student, Ricardo now works at Deloitte as a Senior Transfer Pricing Consultant. Like a true busy bee, he is also pursuing a PhD and teaching Law on the side. With Ricardo, we discussed relocating to Lithuania twice, enjoying a niche hobby, and working at a Big 4 company.

DevOps Infrastructure Expert

Gleb Nebolyubov

From Ashdod, a coastal city in the South of Israel. Gleb got his start in IT while serving mandatory military service. Now a DevOps Infrastructure Expert at German IT solution provider GOD’s Kaunas office, Gleb is enjoying not only a challenging job in an international company, but a great work-life balance that gives him more time to be with his young son.

AML Compliance Officer

Gail Tatiana Tellez

Starting out as a French teacher in her home country of Costa Rica, Gail decided to reskill and pursue her interest in IT.  After commencing her IT career at Hewlett Packard, she took a position in Western Union, where she rose up the ranks. Beginning as an AML Compliance Specialist responsible for onboarding at Western Union in Costa Rica, she is now AML Compliance Officer at the company’s European headquarters in Vilnius. 

Outbound Sales Team Lead

Giovanni Proietta

Giovanni made his move to Lithuania six years ago. Now, he leads the Outbound Sales Team at Oxylabs. With Giovanni, we discussed the local startup ecosystem, family life in Lithuania, and how much Vilnius has changed in just a few years. 

Director of Content

Bernard Meyer

Bernard’s journey to Lithuania was a circuitous one. From a humble first job teaching English, he has built a successful career in copywriting and marketing. Currently heading up content at the award-winning ecommerce email marketing platform Omnisend, Bernard is living proof of what he calls Lithuania’s “hustle culture” of constant self-improvement.

Senior Data Scientist

Andrea Coifman

Two weeks – that’s how long it took for Andrea to find a job in Vilnius. Originally from Venezuela, she moved to Lithuania from Denmark to work as a Senior Data Scientist at Devoteam. We discussed with Andrea the pros of living in Lithuania, moving countries during the pandemic, and mentoring young tech specialists.

IT Engineer

Isaac Vickery

Isaac first came to Lithuania to meet up with some friends. Fast-forward two years, he is living in Vilnius and solving IT issues for SEB customers across Europe. We sat down with Isaac to talk about his switch from hospitality to IT, work culture in Lithuania and Australia, and the long-lasting impression Lithuanian nature can leave on anyone not from around here.

Head of Content

Emma Young

Having spent several years living and working around the world, Emma landed in Lithuania, where she now heads the Content division at Hostinger. We caught up with Emma to discuss her unexpected career trajectory, the challenges of leading an international team, and how to overcome cultural differences.

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