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Work in Lithuania is a platform dedicated to encouraging highly-skilled professionals living abroad to build their careers in Lithuania.

We connect talents from abroad with the best opportunities in Lithuania.

We act as a link between people looking to land their dream job and international companies keen to hire specialists from abroad. Our platform lists many exciting opportunities that are open to skilled professionals from all around the world. Not only that, we offer guidance when it comes to relocating and settling in Lithuania.

We partner with companies that believe in diversity and inclusivity.

We’re not just a gateway to the best global talent out there, we also help companies navigate the practicalities of international recruitment. Together with our wide network of partners, we enable global talents to pursue their full career potential and a fulfilling life in Lithuania.

Is your company looking for global talent?

Partner with us to:

  • Post job listings and get matched with the right candidates
  • Access our international talent database
  • Get insights and advice on international recruitment


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