Relaxed life

Life without compromise

In Lithuania, there’s no need to choose between a fulfilling career and a fulfilling life.

A perfect balance

Work-life balance is a key part of the Lithuanian work culture. Here, both employers and employees value quality leisure time, and create plentiful opportunities for it. Instead of wasting hours on long commutes, locals prefer to squeeze in a morning run at the park or grab a coffee at a local café. All this adds up to a perfectly balanced life in Lithuania.

11th for work-life balance among the OECD countries

Only 1% of employees work very long hours

Up to 2 years of paid parental leave

That’s why Lithuania is among the TOP20 happiest countries in the world.

Cities that inspire

Each Lithuanian city has its own unique feel. What unites them is the abundance of action. No matter if you’re a foodie, a movie-goer or a modern art lover, your calendar will always be full.


Cosy and compact, and dynamic, Vilnius is Europe’s greenest capital with one of the continent’s happiest populations.


A growing tech and cultural hub, Kaunas is home to a large share of the country’s student population.


Lithuania’s only port city, Klaipėda is surrounded by exceptional nature, and has a laid-back vibe.

Short and green commutes

Urban mobility

Forget about long commutes – enjoy compact cities. All you need is only minutes away. Not feeling like walking? Grab a scooter or city bike to skip the traffic.

Car sharing

Don’t worry about owning a car – hundreds of modern and electric vehicles are always just around the corner in all major cities.

Public transport

Feel like exploring the country? Hop on the train to travel from Vilnius to Kaunas or to the seaside.

Nature front and centre

Whether you’re in or outside the city centre, nature is always just one step away, making it extremely easy to switch from work to relaxation.

33% of the country is covered by forests

A wide network of hiking trails is waiting for curious explorers within the cities or in remote corners of the country.

Over 6000 clean and swimmable lakes

Even in the cities, you are never more than 30 minutes away from a beautiful lake where you can take a refreshing dip.

90 kilometers of seaside and sandy beaches

From adrenaline-filled water sports to relaxing walks in the dunes of the Curonian Spit, UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In Lithuania, days are shaped by nature and culture, not by long commutes and work hours.

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