Asked Questions

What is Work in Lithuania?

Work in Lithuania is an initiative dedicated to encouraging highly-skilled professionals living abroad to build their careers in Lithuania. We act as a link between people looking to land their dream job and international companies keen to hire from abroad.

I’m an EU citizen. Can I work in Lithuania?

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Yes, standard EU procedures apply to EU citizens who want to live and work in Lithuania. To stay for up to 90 days, you only need your ID card or passport. If you want to stay longer, you need to acquire a certificate confirming your right to temporarily reside in Lithuania from the Migration department.

You can read more about the migration procedures here

I’m a non-EU citizen. Can I work in Lithuania?

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Yes. Depending on whether you qualify as a highly-skilled professional or not, different migration procedures may apply.

You can read about the types of work permits available to third-country nationals here.

What jobs can I find on the Work in Lithuania platform?

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We only advertise positions for highly skilled professionals in IT, Business & Marketing, Life Sciences, Manufacturing & Engineering.

You can browse jobs here.

Can you help me find a job?

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You can find plenty of job listings on our platform from top employers in Lithuania who are looking for highly qualified international specialists. As a registered member, you can apply to those jobs directly.

You can read more about the benefits for our members and register here.

Please note that we do not provide individual career counselling.  

Can I get a job if I’m not currently living in Lithuania?

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Yes, we recommend finding a job before arriving in Lithuania, as it simplifies all relocation procedures. Once you have an offer, consult with your future employer about the steps you need to follow to successfully relocate.

If you or your employer have any questions along the way, don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’re here to help.

Also, you can find a detailed relocation guide here

I have sent an application, but haven’t received any reply. Can you help?

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Different employers have different policies when it comes to responding to candidates, often outlined in the job posting. As some positions might get a high number of applications, sometimes they cannot answer everyone.

What is the EU Blue Card? How can I get it?

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The EU Blue Card is a residence and work permit for highly skilled specialists from non-EU countries.

You can learn more about it here.

If you are not eligible for a Blue Card, you can find a list of alternatives here.

How do I get a work permit?

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All the necessary information on how to receive a temporary residence permit for non-EU citizens is presented in detail here and for EU citizens here.

How do I get a Lithuania type D Visa?

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Everything you need to know about migration procedures can be found on the official website of the Migration Department. 

For information on how to receive a temporary residence permit click here

For information on visas click here.

Do companies assist candidates with the relocation process?

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The level of assistance provided differs from company to company. For this reason, we suggest that you discuss this question during your job interview.

Does Work in Lithuania assist with getting a residence or work permit?

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Work in Lithuania does not send formal invitation letters. You may ask for assistance with obtaining all necessary permits from your future employer, once you get a job offer. 

Do I need to know Lithuanian to find a job in Lithuania?

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such fields as IT, Software Development, Engineering – the working language is English, therefore Lithuanian language is not a mandatory requirement. Lithuanian language is required only for positions involving communication with Lithuanian authorities.

Can Work in Lithuania help my company source candidates?

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Work in Lithuania is not a recruitment agency. We provide a platform that connects companies with highly qualified international talents. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of joining our platform, contact us directly via email:

Can I post a job ad on your website?

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Yes, of course! If you want to post job ads on our platform, you are welcome to register as a partner and it’s absolutely free. Just a heads-up, we partner with companies and subsidiaries that are registered in Lithuania.

You can read the requirements and register here.

My company would like to become a partner. Where do we begin?

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That’s great! To become our partner, companies need to meet certain criteria. You can read the requirements and register here.

Or contact us directly via email:

Would you be interested in a partnership with recruiters?

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Currently, we are not considering working with recruitment agencies. 

Our company is already a partner of Work in Lithuania. Who do we contact in case we need technical support?

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Feel free to contact us at

Can international students work in Lithuania?

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Yes, international students from both EU and non-EU countries can work in Lithuania during their studies. 

International students from non-EU countries can work in Lithuania full-time during their studies without a work permit if they have a temporary residence permit for their studies.
No additional permits are required.

You can find more information here.

Can I find internships on your website?

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Yes, you can find internships on our Browse jobs page by selecting Internships as Contract type criteria in the search field.