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In Lithuania, international industry players and local startups offer thousands of exciting career opportunities and a chance to make a real impact for Developers, Engineers and other highly-skilled professionals.

Global launchpad

Most of the tech products made in Lithuania are global by design. A developer landing a job here can expect to tackle truly major challenges: from improving mobility in the world’s biggest cities to developing banking products used by millions across Europe. The business landscape here is diverse, but what unites established players and ambitious up-and-comers is openness and willingness to empower their employees. A career in Lithuania can help you leave your mark.

Multiple thriving fields
to choose from

In Lithuania, there’s no shortage of areas you can excel at. Build a challenger bank, work on the latest App Store blockbuster or program smart sensors for autonomous vehicles – there are hundreds of companies on the lookout for your skills and ambition.


One of the largest Fintech hubs in Europe, Lithuania hosts 260+ companies developing next-gen financial solutions. The sector attracts many Blockchain experts as well.

Global Business Services

Over 80 international companies have chosen Lithuania for such critical operations as Anti-Money Laundering, F&A and Business Intelligence. They especially value language skills.

Game Development

Dozens of GameDev studios that relocated from abroad complement homegrown companies developing everything from idle games to RPGs.

Life Sciences

Lithuania is a strong player in the Cell and Gene Therapy area, and people with a background in Genetics, Bioinformatics and Biochemistry are always in demand.

Laser Technology

The Lithuanian laser cluster, held in high regard by researchers worldwide, is a tight-knit and open community uniting the brightest scientists and entrepreneurs.


Lithuania-based manufacturers, including those in automotive and electronics, have fully embraced Industry 4.0 standards, and have hundreds of openings for engineers and automation specialists.

Make an impact in Lithuania

Join one of the many flourishing tech and science fields and leave your mark.

1000+ startups shape a fast growing ecosystem

8th best freelancer hotspot

10th best location in the world for Fintech

Personal growth

Life-long learning is embedded in the Lithuanian work culture. Employers here value skill-sharing practices and are generous when it comes to learning budgets. If you’re keen to broaden your horizons, a world of opportunities – from international conferences to frequent professional meetups – await.

The STEM field professions in Lithuania are a paragon of gender balance, with 52% of all specialists and academics being women – the highest share in the EU.

Success stories

Senior Payroll Analyst

Andrés Cahue

After spending three years in Poland, Andrés was headhunted for a Senior Payroll Analyst position in Vilnius. He told us all about his love for basketball, DJing, and the bike sharing system in the Lithuanian capital.

Head of User Acquisition & Ad Monetisation

Stefano Accossato

Stefano came to Lithuania from Italy on a whim as a volunteer indoor climbing instructor and has been living and working here for 9 years now. Having learned the ins and outs of AdTech, user acquisition, and ad monetisation on the job, he says that Lithuania is uniquely open to new ideas and that Lithuanian companies give their employees lots of space and opportunities to grow, regardless of age or background.

Head of Content

Emma Young

Having spent several years living and working around the world, Emma landed in Lithuania, where she now heads the Content division at Hostinger. We caught up with Emma to discuss her unexpected career trajectory, the challenges of leading an international team, and how to overcome cultural differences.

Senior Data Scientist

Andrea Coifman

Two weeks – that’s how long it took for Andrea to find a job in Vilnius. Originally from Venezuela, she moved to Lithuania from Denmark to work as a Senior Data Scientist at Devoteam. We discussed with Andrea the pros of living in Lithuania, moving countries during the pandemic, and mentoring young tech specialists.

Front-end Developer

Alex Wong

Hailing from sunny Spain, Alex Wong exchanged programming agricultural machinery back home for developing front-end applications in Vilnius. With Alex, we talked about learning to code online, LinkedIn connections and the hard choice of which Lithuanian basketball club to support.

QA Engineer

Amarachi Nzekwe

After starting her career in Ibadan, Nigeria, QA Engineer Amarachi Nzekwe decided to spend a year working at an ICT company in Kaunas. Three years and a global pandemic later, she has moved cities, changed jobs, and documented her journey on her YouTube channel. We sat down with Amarachi to talk about vlogging, career moves, and the tech scene in Lithuania.

Senior iOS Developer

Reza Bina

After moving to Lithuania from Iran to join a group of startup founders, Reza now works as a Senior iOS developer at an American company in Vilnius. We talked about working across time zones, constant learning (a thing that many employers in Lithuania encourage), and living in the country’s capital city.