Relocation for Ukrainian citizens

Lithuania stands in solidarity with Ukraine and is prepared to offer safety and home to Ukrainians seeking refuge in Lithuania.

Arrival to Lithuania

Before coming to Lithuania

  • Citizens of Ukraine first need to reach Poland. Currently, crossing the Ukraine-Poland border is possible under any circumstances, even without a valid visa.
  • If you need transportation from the Polish-Ukrainian border, Lithuanian volunteers can offer transport to Lithuania. Please fill in the form here or call +370 677 22222 to organise free transport to Lithuania for yourself or your close ones.
  • All Ukrainian citizens holding either biometric or non-biometric passports may come to Lithuania and stay without a visa. At this stage, no return or expulsion decisions will be taken in respect of Ukrainian nationals and their family members.

Upon arrival to Lithuania

It is necessary to register at the Registration Centre to formalise your stay in Lithuania and to receive accommodation, food, medical care and important information regarding your stay.

  • If you have nowhere to stay in Lithuania, you must immediately go to the Registration Centre in Alytus (Pramonės st. 1B), Marijampolė (Parko st. 9), Kaunas (Vytauto av. 79), Klaipėda (Paryžiaus Komunos st. 16A), Šiauliai (Jablonskio st. 16) or Vilnius (Minties st. 3). These are open 24/7.
  • If you have a place to stay in Lithuania, you can instead come to any branch of the Migration Department (Vilnius, Vytenio st. 18; Kaunas, A. Juozapavičiaus av. 57; Klaipėda, Kauno st. 6; Šiauliai, Aušros al. 19; Panevėžys, K. Binkio st. 14; Alytus, Jotvingių st. 8; Marijampolė, Kęstučio st. 1; Utena, Maironio st. 4; Telšiai, Žemaitės st. 34; Tauragė; Stoties st. 15; Elektrėnai, Draugystės st. 32; Visaginas, Veteranų st. 13; Šalčininkai, Architekto st. 4).
    In this case, it is not necessary to go to the Registration Centre.

Staying in Lithuania

  • After registering at the Registration Centre, Ukrainian citizens will be able to obtain a temporary residence permit in Lithuania (for 1 year) and a national visa (for 1 year).
  • Ukrainian citizens with biometric passports are granted a visa-free regime for 90 days automatically.

COVID-19 regulations

As of May 1st, 2022 there are no COVID-19 related restrictions for anyone arriving in Lithuania from abroad.

You can find more information here.

Working and living in Lithuania

From March 1st, 2022 the new order has come into force. It facilitates the rapid access of refugees from Ukraine to more favourable conditions for living and working in Lithuania.

Simplified procedures:

  • Ukrainian refugees and their family members who do not have a valid travel document will be issued a foreigner’s registration certificate until their legal situation is resolved. Moreover, arriving refugees are required to submit travel documents, health insurance and other documents required to enter Lithuania.
  • Moreover, Ukrainian citizens holding a valid Schengen visa, as well as Ukrainian citizens who have obtained a national visa or temporary residence permit issued on humanitarian grounds in Lithuania, have the right to work and are exempt from the obligation to acquire a work permit.
  • After arrival and reception of humanitarian status, citizens of Ukraine are immediately able to work in the same way as Lithuanian citizens. There is currently no requirement for any additional documents. Employees’ qualifications will be checked by employers. Humanitarian status will be granted within 1 month.
  • Upon submitting an application for a temporary residence permit in Lithuania for the purpose of work, Ukrainian refugees are exempted from the obligation to obtain a decision of the Employment Service on the compliance with the needs of the labor market of Lithuania and will be able to start working immediately.
  • No state levy will be charged for examining applications for a national visa or applications for a temporary residence permit.
  • Refugees from Ukraine will be guaranteed the right to emergency medical care and other necessary personal health care.

Finding a job in Lithuania

To help Ukrainians find jobs quicker, major job search portals are now using the Ukrainian flag to highlight vacancies that are suitable for Ukrainians and do not require Lithuanian language. Job search for Ukrainians is available at: CV onlineCV bankasCV

For more information about the employment opportunities in Lithuania, contact International House Vilnius and schedule an appointment with the Lithuanian Employment Service.

Other helpful initiatives

  • Since March 1st, travelling for Ukrainian citizens on Lithuanian railways is free of charge. All Ukrainians can board the train for free by simply showing their passport or identity card (birth certificate for children).
    Available routes, tickets and schedules can be found here.
  • Free Lithuanian language courses are offered for Ukrainians by Vilnius City Municipality. The course consists of 25 sessions and will run for 3 months.
    Registration to courses and more information can be found here.

Help and assistance

  • Detailed information for Ukrainian citizens arriving to Lithuania is provided by the Lithuanian Migration Department in multiple languages here.
  • Migration Department hotline (operates every day 7:30-21:00) for migration related questions: +370 5 271 7112
  • For various consultations related to accommodation, transport from Polish-Ukrainian border contact NGO Stronger Together hotline (operates 24/7): +370 677 22222
  • For question about integrating and moving to Vilnius contact the International House Vilnius hotline (operates every day 8:00-22:00) +370 526 40 200 or read here.
  • For general information about relocation and integration read here.