Lithuania: The Unexpected Star at the Global Career Summit

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, Brazilian professionals are increasingly looking beyond their borders for new challenges and opportunities. This shift towards global careers was a key theme at the recent Global Career Summit, as explained by one of the event’s organizers, Leandro Baptista: “Brazil boasts a dynamic tech landscape filled with ambitious and … Continued

Lithuania’s Tech Triumph: Leading the Baltic Startup Revolution

From 2018 to 2023, Lithuania’s startup ecosystem expanded by an astonishing 7.1 times, outshining its Baltic neighbours and securing a significant position in the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) region. With €292M raised by Lithuanian startups in 2023 alone, the country ranks second in the CEE for venture capital investment, both in total and per … Continued

Lithuania Expands Healthcare Access for Non-EU Spouses

Working to enhance its competitiveness in attracting global talent, Lithuania seeks to ensure smooth integration of foreign nationals and their family members that have relocated to the country. The availability of healthcare services is an important factor in this process. Coming into force in July this year, new legislation will make it easier for the … Continued

A Step in the Right Direction: The Benefits of Walkable Cities

Modern cities can be a real headache. Common irritations include congested roads, streets lined with cars billowing fumes and the seeming impossibility of getting a loaf of bread without travelling half way across town. Truth be told, what most of us need is a walkability makeover. What is walkability? As defined by Walk Score, it’s … Continued

What makes the summer season in Lithuania so amazing?

The cliche goes that winter lasts six months in Lithuania, and the rest of the time, it rains. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Spring kicks in at the beginning of May, and summer is in full bloom by June. And the sun doesn’t go anywhere until far into September. Better still, Lithuanians love … Continued