Working remotely in Lithuania: best laptop-friendly spots

23 September, 2022

The best places for remote work in Lithuania: cafés, libraries and co-working spaces.

As the pandemic hit its stride around the world, so did remote work. Despite the unfortunate circumstances behind this change, the mass move away from the typical work environment showed that people can remain just as (if not more) productive outside the office.

This model has also become popular in Lithuania, with many employers now allowing their staff to choose how and where they prefer to work.

So, having escaped the office, where do people go to work, apart from home? While there’s certainly no shortage of great options, a few stand out as either highly conducive to maximum-focus work or as being located in an especially attractive environment. 

Here are our picks for each of Lithuania’s three major cities: Vilnius, Kaunas, and Klaipėda.


Vilnius Tech Park

Situated in a former hospital complex dating back to the 19th century, Vilnius Tech Park is now one of the largest IT startup hubs in both the Baltic and Nordic regions. The park has a café that easily converts into a modern venue, perfectly suited for networking events, presentations, and group workshops. In addition, there’s a fully equipped private room for work and study (or a team building session), and several conference halls for larger outings. This is an excellent choice if you’re looking to work in a place tailor-made for innovators, and to befriend like-minded professionals.

Vilnius Tech Park © N. Tukaj

Martynas Mažvydas National Library

Opened back in 1963, the library was the largest in Lithuania, and remains among the most important to this day. If you’re looking for a quiet place to concentrate on a challenging task – look no further! The massive library, situated in a beautiful modernist building, offers plenty of workspace, free wi-fi, inexpensive copy and print services, and all the books and information you could possibly want right at your fingertips.

Mint Vinetu

If you prefer a more “artsy” environment, definitely check out Mint Vinetu. Located on a narrow street in the Vilnius Old Town, this independent second-hand bookstore/café hosts poetry readings, film screenings, music shows, and other cultural events. In daytime, however, it’s a cosy place where, sooner or later, you’ll meet all of the following: students, busy translators, local writers and other artists, travellers, office workers, book-worms, and every breed of dog known to man. So order a coffee, plop yourself down in an armchair or sofa, and get those creative juices flowing!



Kaunas has the largest and best-equipped Workland facility in Lithuania, with over 200 workstations and all the amenities in the world. High-speed internet, several modern kitchens and lounge areas, postal/courier services, a snack shop, an office library, a set of private phone booths, showers, and more. Workland offers a number of plans to choose from, depending on your preferences: Private Office, Dedicated Desk, Hot Desk, Virtual Office, Meeting Room, and Podcast Room.

Workland common space © Workland

Monte Pacis

If you’re looking to really get away from all the noise and concentrate on a creative task – consider booking a room in the Monte Pacis hospitality complex, located in Pažaislis Monastery, right next to the beach. This is a pricier option, perhaps to be enjoyed from time to time, rather than daily, but it really is a special place. One of Lithuania’s most well-known writers Kristina Sabaliauskaitė is said to have written parts of her books here.


TEMA Gallery

Come for the sea, stay for the Berlin-like atmosphere! This unique gallery, located in a former shipyard, right on the shore of the Curonian Spit, is quite a treat. In full view of passing ships, working here is quite surreal and, needless to say, inspiring. Once you’re done working, you can go out onto the terrace and watch the sunset or spend the evening in the Old Town, located just a few minutes away on foot. TEMA Gallery is open 24/7 Monday-Thursday, and offers cosy workstations, meeting rooms, a lounge area and kitchen, a shower, and a projector for public and private events.

TEMA Gallery outdoor space © A. Baronaitė

Baltas Ruonis

If you don’t mind the mellow hubbub, the restaurant Baltas Ruonis (White Seal) is another amazing place to work at without taking your eyes off the sea for too long. Located right on the beach, the restaurant has plenty of space both inside and outside, including an area with beach chairs arranged directly on the sand. Order a tea or a coffee, take off your shoes and do some work, surrounded by the mesmerising sound and invigorating, briny smells of the Baltic Sea.

10 Tiltų

Surrounded by authentic German fachwerk-style buildings, the café 10 Tiltų (10 Bridges) was founded as a community project. The owners wanted to create synergy between coffee, environment, and the local art scene. To make it happen, utmost attention was given to the interior and exterior design, food, and events programme. And it shows! The place is gorgeous to look at and is frequented by artists and remote workers alike.

These are only several of the many amazing places to go to in Lithuania when working at home or the office gets redundant. Want to learn more about Lithuania’s three major cities? Check out our blog post on what they have to offer.