What makes the summer season in Lithuania so amazing?

30 June, 2023

Looking for the perfect introduction to the joys of the sunny season in Lithuania? You’re in the right place!

The cliche goes that winter lasts six months in Lithuania, and the rest of the time, it rains. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Spring kicks in at the beginning of May, and summer is in full bloom by June. And the sun doesn’t go anywhere until far into September. Better still, Lithuanians love the sunshine and they make sure to enjoy every second. That’s why you’ll find that there’s summer activities to fit every taste. So, if you’re new to Lithuania or thinking about kick-starting an exciting new career here, here’s some of the things you can expect to get up to when the warm weather arrives.

Get to know nature with a spot of glorious glamping

Looking for the perfect introduction to the joys of Lithuanian nature?  You could do far worse than settling down in relative luxury for a night under the stars. The glamping craze has hit Lithuania big time, and that should come as no surprise when you consider how abundant the country’s nature is. Rich green forests, calm inviting lakes (perfect for that midnight swim), flower-filled meadows and pine-lined beaches, it’s all there to explore.

Choose from transparent domes, tipis,  yurts, unique wooden tents, and even hobbit huts. There are glamping opportunities to fit every taste and budget, and even a handy map that tells you where they all are and how to book them.

A. Aleksandravičius

Why be bored when you can wake the water

With 6,000 lakes that cover 950 km² of the country’s territory, it’s little wonder that watersports figure so heavily, especially in the summer months. And one of the most popular, and dynamic activities, on offer, is wakeboarding. There are over 30 wake parks across the country that give both pros and amateurs alike the opportunity to experience the sport first-hand.

Combining waterskiing, snowboarding and surfing techniques, this is the perfect pastime for young professionals looking to challenge themselves outside the office. But it’s not all about pushing yourself, it’s also a great way to unwind and see Lithuania from a new perspective.

A. Aleksandravičius

Take a stroll and get to know nature…

It’s not all adrenaline though. For those that prefer a more measured pace, you’ll find that a great way to discover the many hidden treasures of Lithuania is through its many nature trails. Whether you prefer a leisurely walk, a more challenging cross-country run, or a bit of mountain biking, you’ll find that these tracks tick the box.

Forest, marshes, meadows, and unspoilt beaches – the country’s trails give you direct access to all kinds of scenery. And there’s trails to fit any fitness level or ability – making them great both for families and more adventurous trekkers and bikers.  And with many located close to Lithuania’s major cities, you don’t need to travel far to escape to nature. For example, Strėva Žaliasis Takas, one of the country’s most popular trails, is located on the outskirts of Vilnius.  You’ll find that the website alltrails.com has put together a handy list of all the best trails in Lithuania, as well as reviews by those that have walked them.

…and find some space to think outside the box

Walking (and running) is also a great way to get the creative juices flowing and generate implementable ideas. And it’s this that makes these trails, and Lithuanian nature more generally, popular with many of the country’s local and international companies. It’s not uncommon in late July to see the picturesque river networks of the country’s Aukštaitija region packed with groups of kayakers on team-building exercises.

A. Aleksandravičius

The country is home to a thriving tech scene that’s birthed such unicorns as Nord Security (Nord VPN’s home) and Vinted, as well as online media players like Bored Panda. And during the summer, many of these companies offer workation opportunities to stimulate and inspire their workers in natural surroundings. 

Live and breathe the sounds of summer

Music is a big part of the Lithuanian summer experience. There are music festivals all summer long to fit every musical palette. For the more hip and discerning music lover, there’s the newly minted 8 days a week festival that attracts top acts from across the globe for an event that takes place in a newly transformed ex-prison.

Meanwhile, for those that like their music a bit heavier, there’s the Kilkim Zaibu extreme music and Baltic culture festival. But it’s not all guitars and rock, there’s also a well established folk festival, Mjr. The summer’s biggest event is probably the Granatos festival, which offers a mixture of international pop stars and local acts, as well as lots of DJ’s.

Art in the open

Of course Lithuania has art galleries, and plenty of them. The newly opened MO Gallery (designed by the architectural giant Daniel Libeskind) in Vilnius is one of the most spectacular examples of this. But art is not only hanging from gallery walls, it’s actually painted on the walls of the cities themselves. Nowhere is this more pronounced than Lithuania’ second largest city,Kaunas. The dynamic and colorful mix of legal and commissioned, and “illegal” (and a little subversive) street art that adorn walls across the city have made it an open air gallery.

A. Aleksandravičius

This makes Kaunas the perfect place for art lovers to wander during the summer. From huge pink elephants to dragons to famous local writers and everything in between, and that’s just the paintings. You’ll also be able to discover small installations and sculptures. In fact, there’s so much art that the local tourist agency has put together a map.

But Kaunas is not the only place you’ll be able to appreciate street art. The port city of Klaipeda has its own treasures. The city is famous for its collection of outdoor sculptures, which now, thanks to an innovative QR code app, will tell you their history through your smartphone.

And that’s only the beginning…

And we haven’t had time to tell you about the barbecue culture, the tradition of lakeside camping or retreats, or the kayaking trips along the inland waterways. And then there’s St.John’s Day with its magical customs and folk traditions.

Summer is such a thing here that it is quite normal for people to work remotely by the lake or by the sea, with many companies even arranging special workation opportunities for their workers. What better way to get to know your colleagues better and enjoy a healthier work-life balance.

So that’s it for summer. Now there are the joys of a Lithuanian autumn to look forward to.