Migration processes to work in Lithuania just got easier

30 June, 2022

Obtaining the EU Blue Card for a high-value-adding professions in Lithuania is now much easier.

Starting in August 2022, Lithuania is easing some migration processes for highly-skilled global talents and international students.

EU Blue Card

EU Blue Card is a residence permit for highly-qualified specialists from outside the EU that lets them legally reside and work in Lithuania, bringing their families with them as well.

August onwards, some criteria to get the card is being eased:

• To obtain the EU Blue Card, the minimum length of the employment contract is now only 6 months

• Those working in a high value-adding profession (e.g., ICT, Engineering, Life Sciences) must now get a 1.2 average monthly gross salary in Lithuania (~€2147). In other cases, the salary threshold of 1.5 average monthly gross salary (~€2684) applies

• ICT professionals now need at least 3 years (instead of 5) of relevant professional experience within 7 years before the application for the EU Blue Card

For international students

Master’s and PhD students from non-EU countries who have a temporary residence permit for studies can work full-time during their studies in Lithuania.