Lithuania: The Unexpected Star at the Global Career Summit

19 April, 2024

In April, the Global Career Summit marked a significant milestone for Brazil’s emerging tech professionals. The event, set against the country’s dynamic technological backdrop, connected driven individuals with leading global recruiters. Work in Lithuania emerged as a highlight, offering unexpected and appealing opportunities that drew significant interest from attendees.

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, Brazilian professionals are increasingly looking beyond their borders for new challenges and opportunities. This shift towards global careers was a key theme at the recent Global Career Summit, as explained by one of the event’s organizers, Leandro Baptista:

Brazil boasts a dynamic tech landscape filled with ambitious and skilled professionals. After pursuing successful careers at the top companies nationwide, our tech community is now eager to expand its horizons internationally. Recognizing this drive, I organized the Global Career Summit specifically designed to showcase the best global opportunities available to our talented professionals. Partnering with Work In Lithuania was a no-brainer given their wealth of open positions and high-quality offerings, which made a very good impression, described as ‘mind-blowing’ by event attendees. Our community was pleasantly surprised to discover the vast array of possibilities in this tech hub and how well it aligns with the aspirations of Brazil’s finest tech talents.” – shares Leandro Baptista, one of GCS organisers.

Expats and Locals Discuss Lithuania’s Blend of Career Growth and Lifestyle at Global Summit

Agnė Perednė, a Senior Business Advisor at Work in Lithuania, addressed the event’s attendees, emphasizing the dynamic tech landscape of Lithuania. She highlighted that individuals seeking new opportunities prioritize not only the job specifics but also the balanced lifestyle that their prospective country can offer for their new beginnings.

Moving to Lithuania changed my life. Here, I found more than a career—I discovered a country that champions diversity, innovation, and quality of life. It’s a story I am passionate about sharing, especially with fellow Brazilians“, explains Madu Melo, a Brazilian expatriate and Country Manager for Brazil and Mexico at NordVPN.

Ricardo Schmitz, now a Senior Transfer Pricing Consultant at Deloitte in Lithuania, was praised by many of the event attendees. Ricardo shared his remarkable transition from a student to a thriving professional in Lithuania. “Lithuania offered me opportunities I never imagined. It’s not just about the professional growth but the lifestyle and the welcoming community that make living here fulfilling”, states Ricardo.

A Resonant Impact

The enthusiasm was palpable among the attendees, many of whom were surprised by the depth and diversity of opportunities in Lithuania. “I came here looking for job opportunities but discovered a vibrant tech ecosystem in a country I had never heard of before. I could definitely consider it as my potential home”, said one participant, reflecting a sentiment echoed by many others throughout the event.

As the summit concluded, it not only connected global recruiters with tech professionals but also showcased Lithuania as a nurturing ground for both professional aspirations and personal dreams.

Lithuania is not just a place to work; it’s a place to grow, live, and thrive,” concluded Madu Melo. “And this event has been a wonderful platform to bring that message to the world.

As the curtains closed on the Global Career Summit, the path forward for those inspired by Lithuania’s unique opportunities is clear. Consider this your invitation to explore a future in Lithuania—a country where professional opportunities and personal fulfilment are not just possible but intertwined.