Relocating to Vilnius: the pros of living and working in Lithuania’s vibrant capital

08 August, 2022

Vilnius is one of Europe’s greenest capitals, with green spaces making up 46 % of the city.

If you’re looking to relocate to a cosy, vibrant city that offers amazing career opportunities, Vilnius might be just the right choice for you. The Lithuanian capital is green, compact and lively, with a booming business landscape and a bustling cultural scene. Read on to find out what benefits relocating to Vilnius can bring. 

Build an international career in Vilnius 

Vilnius is a great place to kick-start your international career. Hundreds of well-known global names and innovative startups are on the lookout for talent. Here’s what your career in Vilnius can look like.

Vilnius business district © N. Tukaj


Lithuania’s professional landscape is full of dynamic, young teams of international companies and high-tech startups. So, no matter what organisation you choose to work at, you can anticipate an egalitarian work culture where skills, knowledge and drive are valued above age or status. That’s why young professionals in Lithuania get more responsibility at a younger age and more opportunities for upward mobility. Here, you’re never too young to be successful! 

Global by design 

Career opportunities in Vilnius are nothing short of international. Household names such as Wix, Uber, Revolut and Nasdaq have offices here, as well as promising startups like NanoAvionics, Ziticity and CGTrader. So landing a job in Vilnius, you can expect to develop products and services with a truly global reach. Whether working on the latest AppStore hit or developing cutting-edge cybersecurity software, a career in Vilnius can help you leave your mark. 


Lithuanians don’t believe in grind culture. A busy and vibrant capital, Vilnius is nevertheless a place where maintaining a healthy work-life balance is cherished. Here, you’re able to combine work, family commitments and personal life without compromising a successful career. With at least 20 paid vacation days, fixed working hours, and generous parental leave all guaranteed and protected by law, there’s always time to focus on what matters most. 

Enjoy the lifestyle you deserve 

Affordable and lively, Vilnius is a great place for all ventures and adventures. Here’s what life in Lithuania’s biggest city is like. 

Affordable living 

Vilnius offers many of the comforts of Western European cities for a way lower price. With rents in the city centre amounting to only a third of those in London, it’s easy to live close to the action. And with lunch prices half of what you’d spend in Amsterdam or Paris, you can sample new cuisines every day. Plus, Lithuania boasts the 4th most affordable internet in Europe and the fastest public WiFi in the world, making Vilnius a great landing pad for digital nomads. In short, the lifestyle you deserve is yours for the taking in Vilnius.  

Exciting cultural scene 

Vilnius is packed with art, history and culture, and the city’s calendar is full of fairs, festivals and other celebrations. Bookworms enjoy Vilnius Book Fair, the largest in the Baltics, while ArtVilnius gathers the crème de la crème of the local contemporary art scene. Vilnius also hosts numerous music festivals throughout the year, from jazz to classical to alternative music, as well as multiple international film and theatre festivals (Cinema Spring, Scanorama and Sirenos are just a few examples). Not to mention dozens of museums, galleries, and concert venues scattered throughout the city. In Vilnius, you’re simply unlikely to run out of ideas of things to do. 

Vilnius Light Festival © G. Khiterer & Go Vilnius

Nature at your fingertips 

Big and busy, Vilnius is also green and clean. While most major cities feel like concrete jungles with few green oases, Vilnius is one of Europe’s greenest capitals, with green spaces making up 46 % of the city. That’s three times the amount of green zones in Amsterdam, Berlin or Warsaw! There are plenty of public parks and gardens for your morning run, yoga session or bicycle ride. Moreover, a 20-minute drive will take you to a sandy beach on the bank of River Neris or the picturesque Green Lakes for a refreshing swim. It’s no wonder that Vilnius has some of the cleanest air in Europe. 

Relocating to Vilnius is easier than you think 

If you’re taking the big step of relocating to Vilnius, the Lithuanian capital is ready to make your landing as soft as possible. Here’s what you need to know. 

Smooth relocation 

Relocating to a new country can be a complicated process, but Lithuania has the infrastructure to support your move. From the fast-tracked Blue Card procedure for highly-skilled non-EU citizens to the Startup Visa programme for dynamic young companies, Lithuania has streamlined immigration processes to get you up and running in no time. Work in Lithuania’s step-by-step relocation guide has the info on paperwork and useful links all in one place. 

Paupys market © S. Žiūra & Go Vilnius

International House Vilnius 

International House Vilnius is a one-stop service centre that helps international talent and their families navigate the ins and outs of relocation. From obtaining a residence permit to discovering the local cultural scene, International House Vilnius leverages an extensive network of national agencies, local organisations and experts to ensure a smooth and easy relocation process.  

All in one place, a new arrival can meet representatives of key Lithuanian public institutions, including the Migration Department, the State Tax Inspectorate, the Employment Service, and Vilnius City Municipality. Experts are on hand to sort out residence permit or health insurance issues, consult on taxpayer obligations, register children in educational institutions, and provide information on job opportunities or starting a business, among many other matters. All consultations and services are provided in English or Russian and are free of charge.