The pros of relocating to Klaipėda

27 October, 2022

Highly qualified professionals moving to Klaipėda are offered a €2,400 financial incentive to pay for rent and take language courses.

Vibrant and young, Lithuania’s coastal city of Klaipėda offers a wholesome life near the sea. With a storied history dating back to at least the 7th century AD, the city invites newcomers to create their own stories here.

A perfect combination of a booming job market, the second youngest population in Lithuania (the majority of which speaks English), a low cost of living, and lots of sea and greenery within arm’s reach, makes up and a real winner city.

Klaipėda old town © A. Kundrotas

Still not quite convinced? Well, then, how about this – if you’re a highly qualified professional and you move to Klaipėda, the local municipality will actually give you a €2,400 financial incentive to pay for rent and take language courses!

Alright, now let’s zoom in and take a closer look at what makes Klaipėda so attractive to young talent.

Level up your quality of life

Klaipėda is considered the best in Lithuania for overall quality of life, and it’s no big surprise why: ample career opportunities + seaside resort pleasures = permanent workation. 


The compact nature of the city allows it to balance modern services and establishments with extra short travel and commuting times. Reaching pretty much any destination in the city by bus, bicycle or even on foot will take you no more than 15-20 minutes. 

Klaipėda’s bike lanes © A. Kundrotas

And starting next year, locals will be able to commute by water as well. Invented by a local startup, an electric water bus will begin running on the Danė river, transporting locals to work and back home.

The city is also convenient to international travelers, being located just a 30 minute drive from the Palanga Airport. Those departing or arriving by air, will find that the compact airport offers more time to relax, and there’s no need to spend hours in security checks.


Being a coastal resort town with a characteristically Scandinavian climate, Klaipėda offers a huge variety of seasonal activities. In autumn, people go on long beach walks, catch the wind by (kite)surfing, and enjoy culture in theatres and galleries. Winters in Klaipėda are warmer than further inland, yet still offer things like skating rinks under the stars and beachside saunas. Spring marks the film, music, and dance festival season, and long summers in Klaipėda are filled with endless possibilities.

You’ll also be glad to hear that Klaipėda has multiple open workspaces and cafés with high-speed internet for the laptop-bound, and rent in the city is nearly 50% lower than in the capital!

Build an exceptional career                                 

Klaipėda is always on the lookout for skilled talent, especially in areas like the blue- and bio-economy, port logistics, value-added manufacturing, creative industries, business services, and the city’s rising tech hub. The Klaipėda Free Economic Zone alone currently hosts over 100 companies – many of them leaders in their respective industries – and continues to attract large amounts of foreign direct investment, which generates quality jobs.

Klaipėda beach © A. Kundrotas

Less competition with other skilled professionals and the city’s openness to innovation also makes it easier for newcomers to start a career or to further develop an existing one. Having more elbow room for your ideas will enable you to have a much greater impact and quickly advance to the next level. 

One of the key reasons behind the rapid growth of the city’s economy is the year-round services provided by its deep-water, ice-free port, benefitting manufacturing, logistics, ship building, and virtually all other industries.

Are you coming yet?

Klaipėda, as we’ve hopefully convinced you, has many benefits when it comes to both work and leisure. A booming economy with countless job opportunities, ample greenery, sandy dunes and beaches, a modern public transportation system, low cost of living – everything an aspiring professional could want! If you’d like more information about the city, we recommend you head on over to Klaipėda iD and check out their excellent resources and materials for people looking to relocate.

See you in Klaipėda!