Companies in Lithuania can get up to €5.2K per relocated global talent

06 June, 2022

Lithuania now pays up to 5256 EUR per relocated highly-skilled specialist.

A growing number of Lithuania-based companies are turning to the international talent market in search of highly-qualified specialists. However, businesses interested in hiring foreign nationals or Lithuanian expats can be held back by the costs of finding, attracting and relocating a specialist from abroad. To help with recruitment expenses, Lithuania now pays up to 5256 EUR per relocated highly-skilled specialist.  

What are the criteria a company must meet to receive the payment? 

For the company to qualify for the payment, the relocated specialist must: 

  • not have been a permanent resident in Lithuania for the last five years
  • have an open-ended employment contract with the company
  • work in a profession that is on the official list of high value-adding professions (e.g., ICT, Engineering, Life Sciences)
  • receive an average gross monthly salary of at least 2993 EUR (4.1 times the minimum Lithuanian monthly salary) for the first six months of employment

Employers of all eligible relocated specialists can apply for the payment no sooner than 12 months but no later than 2 years after the relocated specialist starts working at the company.  

When is the company not eligible for the payment? 

The company cannot apply for the payment if the specialist: 

  • is relocated from the company’s location abroad
  • is a Ukrainian citizen

How is the size of the payment calculated? 

This is a one-off payment. For every relocated specialist employed, the company can receive a sum equal to the specialist’s average gross monthly salary during the first 12 months of employment. The payment cannot exceed 5256 EUR (7.2 times the minimum Lithuanian monthly salary). The employer needs to apply for the payment at the Lithuanian Employment Service (Užimtumo tarnyba). 

How to apply?

Those eligible for the financial incentive shall contact the Employment Service via email at