Lithuania Expands Healthcare Access for Non-EU Spouses

06 February, 2024

Lithuania has taken another step to support its growing international community. Recent amendments to the Law on Health Insurance will allow spouses of non-EU nationals living and working in Lithuania to use the Lithuanian health insurance system.

Working to enhance its competitiveness in attracting global talent, Lithuania seeks to ensure smooth integration of foreign nationals and their family members that have relocated to the country. The availability of healthcare services is an important factor in this process.

Coming into force in July this year, new legislation will make it easier for the families of foreign professionals to take care of their healthcare needs. Unemployed spouses of specialists hailing from outside the EU will have to pay mandatory monthly health insurance contributions and will be able to access public healthcare services in Lithuania.

According to Vydūnas Trapinskas, Work in Lithuania programme director, moving to a foreign country can pose various challenges, so the new legislation shows Lithuania’s commitment to providing tangible support for global talents settling in country:  

“By offering health insurance to spouses and partners of those who have relocated, Lithuania is taking a holistic approach to address the needs of international families. It’s a clear move towards creating a more inclusive environment for all residents, balancing the needs of both locals and internationals.”

In 2023, highly-skilled professionals who moved to Lithuania from abroad contributed a total of €85.8 million Euros from labour income and VAT to the state budget.

For detailed insights on social and health insurance in Lithuania, feel free to explore the Work in Lithuania website here.